the Jane Goodall Institute's International Mobile Phone Recycling Day

  • About Call to Action

    Call to Action is an international campaign of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) to inspire action around recycling mobile phones (and other used electronics). Through these actions, JGI is raising awareness about how such efforts can help promote conservation of critical habitats across the Congo Basin and around the globe.


    Many of the metals and minerals used in these technologies are extracted from threatened chimpanzee habitats across the Congo Basin. Control over these resources has also fueled conflict among people — conflict that has resulted in the deaths of more than five million people.


    On January 24, 2018, following year-end festivities and gift-giving holidays, citizens around the globe can participate in Call to Action by gathering used electronics — especially mobile phones ― and sending them to one of JGI’s recycling partners. With one simple action, JGI’s friends and supporters are helping protect chimpanzees and their habitat.

  • Join Dr. Jane

    Watch the video above to hear from Dr. Jane about the importance of recycling your mobile phone.

  • Get Started

    Around the globe, members of the JGI family are actively promoting mobile phone and other electronic recycling.


    Below you will find links to these countries and more information on how you can participate in Call to Action near you. 

  • Background - Why Are We Doing This?

    Protecting Chimpanzees

    Mobile phones and many other electronics contain valuable minerals, including gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum (coltan). Some of these minerals are only found in the Congo Basin, and are extracted from the area that has one of the largest intact populations of chimpanzees.

    Mission Connection

    The Jane Goodall Institute’s work in Africa focuses on protecting chimpanzees and safeguarding their habitats through community centered conservation. Extraction of these natural resources involves destroying the forests that chimpanzees call home. Tracts of forest are cleared to make way for new roads leading to mining sites which then open up previously inaccessible forest to loggers and poachers.

    Reducing Conflict Among People

    In addition, control over the mining of these minerals has fueled conflict among human communities and perpetuated unsustainable livelihoods for the people who live among them. Conflict fueled in part by this industry has resulted in the deaths of more than five million people. Many people have moved into the forests in search of safety from the conflict, which results in hunting of local wildlife for food, including chimpanzees.


    Every Individual Makes A Difference

    As consumers, we can make a big difference by recycling our phones and reducing the demand for these minerals. Doing so removes these electronics from the waste stream, and also reduces the demand for extraction of resources from the habitats that many species, especially chimpanzees, other great apes, and human beings call home.

    Leading Change

    Call to Action: International Mobile Phone Recycling Day kicks off a united effort among JGIs around the globe. On January 24, 2017 JGI will engage our global community in taking collective action toward reducing the demand for conflict minerals and the correspondingimpacts on chimpanzees and their habitat in the Congo Basin and beyond.

    Global Impact

    This campaign unites the efforts of several JGI offices around the world who are already running mobile phone recycling campaigns in their countries. In doing so, their efforts are magnified and participants are better able to understand the impacts of our collective action.

  • Already Recycling Your Electronics?

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    AWESOME! Good for you. Call to Action isn't just about getting started, it's about telling the whole world about how important it is to recycle your used mobile phones and other electronics and prevent them from ending up in the waste stream.


    Tell the world about your efforts and why it's so important to you to recycle. Share this page on social media and use the hashtag #Call2Action18 to join other leaders around the world in this very important action to help the forest homes of chimpanzees and many other endangered species.


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    Founded in 1977, the Jane Goodall Institute continues Dr. Goodall’s pioneering research on chimpanzee behavior — research that transformed scientific perceptions of the relationship between humans and animals. Today, the Institute is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. It also is widely recognized for establishing innovative community-centered conservation and development programs in Africa, and Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, the global environmental and humanitarian youth program, which has groups in nearly 100 countries.


    To connect with the Jane Goodall Institute in your country visit, www.janegoodall.org/offices.